About our company

Bookkeeping Newcastle is a cloud based accounting service located in Brisbane which specialises in converting any accounting system to Xero. Our Xero bookkeeping service is mostly geared towards small or medium size businesses and includes payroll, full set up and comprehensive training.

Why choose Bookkeeping Newcastle?

Although large enough to deal with your specific needs and requirements we like to consider ourselves small and friendly. Our aim is to help your business lower its overall costs, simplify your bookkeeping, and give you back the freedom to concentrate on what you do best...running your business. We strongly believe that by providing a localised service for businesses based in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, we can work effectively within our core values which are
  • Strong relationships
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
We aim to use these core values to build long lasting relationships with our clients as we understand fully how important these values are in the everyday running of any type of business.

So why us?

One of our main strengths over our competitors is the seamless transition of your financial data from your present accounting software system to Xero. Thanks to great communication and a local presence, we can ensure that all work is carried out quickly and efficiently and that we are armed with all the information we need to obtain the best results for your business.


  • Wide range of services

    To benefit all of our clients we offer a wide range of both packaged and hourly services. A monthly package means we are always in constant contact with your business and your books and ensures we can identify and solve any problems which might otherwise get overlooked. Packaging also allows you to stay on budget and keep track of your finances.
  • Most up-to-date software

    Our Xero bookkeeping utilises the most up-to-date cloud software to organise your business and enables you to conduct your business effectively whilst moving forwards. Regular bookkeeping guarantees up-to-date financial statements and reports which are necessary if you are to know just where your business stands. Making strategic decisions will seem like child's play when you have the back up of a good set of reliable figures. Bookkeeping Newcastle works closely with a variety of industries within the areas of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. We have a wealth of knowledge in office management and are able to visit your business and assess the changes needed to upgrade to a Xero accounting cloud based system. Our Xero bookkeeping services are completed by BAS registered agents and our flexible service means you can use us as little or as often as you like.